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believe me, you need help with your drivers. they are expired even if you don't want to admit it. just download the latest version of your drivers and update it automatically. it is very easy and it can help you to avoid problems in the future.


The printer missed Readjust the media sensor detecting a label and recalibrate. Re-install ribbon and media, if removed. The display provides several types of information: Always use ribbon slightly wider than the label backing material; this helps protect against printhead wear. Page 18 Route the backing material through the Roller Bracket as shown. The following list of cleaning items and table below provides the recommended schedule and technique for cleaning the various parts of your printer safely and effectively. Continued next page J

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A Level 2 reset is required to change these values. Please Confirm the correct address or try again Address as entered.

Page 50 4 seconds to set the TOF; see Section 5. Page 82 Media Guide is positioned properly; see Section 3.

Pitney Bowes J693 R42-69-18900007 Thermal Label Parallel Serial Printer

Page 64 Tighten the Locking Screws. Connect the AC power cord to the receptacle located on the back of the printer, pringer plug the cord into a properly grounded outlet.

Confirm Address Is this the correct address? Page Generalized term for all types of printing stocks, including: The latest revision will be available on the FTP site. Print Control Specifies pitney bowes j693 printer additional amount to advance the label after printing. Cleaning The Platen Roller Replace ribbon and media.


Pitney Bowes J Manuals

To print a Configuration Label: Diagnostics Displays ribbon sensor ADC low and high values. Open the Access Cover, rotate the Printhead Latch forward and raise the printhead. The printer is ready to receive and process label formats. Die Cut Thermal Transfer Labels 4 in. As with all electrical equipment, there are some basic precautions you should take to avoid hurting yourself or damaging the printer: Installing The Printer Note: Temporary shutdown of printing occurs upon over-temperature detection; printing resumes automatically after cool-down.

Larger point sizes pitney bowes j693 printer be obtained by increasing the height and pitney bowes j693 printer multipliers. Use this guide as a starting point in troubleshooting. Once your certificate has been received and validated, the tax status will be updated accordingly. Slide the ribbon on completely to rest against the flange.

Page 90 Font 7 Font 8 Font 0: Close the access cover. You may attache it again by adding the associated Account number within My Account. Codabar Bar Code J: Add to Shopping List To add an item to the shopping list, boowes the name of the shopping list that you want to add.


To produce an image on the label, thermal transfer labels requires pitney bowes j693 printer.

The printing method that creates an image by transferring ink pitney bowes j693 printer a ribbon onto the media using the heat from the thermal printhead. Loosen the two Locking Screws. In addition to this manual, the following items should be included: Repeat this process for each of the 16 Gain Numbers, recording each value.

Order must be received by 2: Die Cut Thermal Transfer Pifney 3 in.

Available Fonts and Bar Codes All character fonts and bar codes available with the printer are described in this section.