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Saturday, December 29, The second one is a huge custom made truck with jet engine exhausts called the “Auroch”. The design of the boss is good and the towers and also alot of stage.. It’s very fast and handles incredibly well in tight corners. We just released a free update on the Xbox One that adds new achievements and bumps the maximum Gamerscore to It was then revamped for the latest generation of consoles, with an Ultimate version arriving on Xbox One. Defense Dec 17 Released Aug 30, Tower Defense Unique fusion of a top down shooter and tower defense strategy.

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Zombie Driver Jan 5 Released Car Combat Fight your way through the streets of a zombie infested city studioz save the survivors of a disastrous chemical accident that changed most of the city’s population The new Tegra 4 enhanced features include: You can get it for 10 dollars, minus the five customary pence.

EXOR Studios Zombie and Defense double bundle delivers two games at a discounted price

Pages Liked by This Page. Defense [official site], the next game from Zombie Driver developers Exor Studios.


Freshly announced about a week ago, spotted by EG todayit’s the first game from Polish indie devs EXOR Studios, and involves running over zombies with a car. It allowed our players to experience the X-Morph: Free Steam Keys Website.

Trying to play with my brother, but this is very discouraging for the both of us.

Oh my goodness, Zombie Driver looks a bit fun. The first concept for X-Morph: All views are our own. Defense and Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition. Follow us on Instagram TheXboxHub.

Only registered members can share their thoughts. If ever there were two games that were poles apart, then it is X-Morph: Anima Project is the developer studio of Anima Beyond Fantasy, a license recognized for its role-playing books, miniature wargame and card games.

They call it a “demo” pronounced “dem-oh”and it basically gives exog a…. The game has received full console treatment and can be enjoyed without compromise on the gameplay quality. Log into your account. It is a unique fusion of a top down shooter and tower defense strategy where you play as the X-Morph – an alien species that invades Earth to harvest its resources.

We hope you will like it.

Exor Studios company

Visit Homepage Watch Trailer. D keep up the great work.


Warm Up” was released in October on the Steam digital distribution platform to much critical acclaim and has warmed the hearts of thousands of players in anticipation for the final version of the game. It can zmbie through anything on it’s path, has lot’s of nitro and can carry up to 8 passengers in the Story Mode.

Exor Studios company – Indie DB

You are the invader! Thank you for your continued support!

Defense – Coming soon to PC and consoles. This is the best, biggest and most feature rich version of Zombie Driver ever released. Privacy Policy Terms of service Xombie.

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