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But there’s no harm in using it, if you’ve got it. This doesn’t make a huge amount of difference, though; you don’t need to upgrade from Slot 1 just to use a newer Intel CPU. The Pro II accommodates them with three speed-sensing three-pin fan headers, one of them near the AGP slot for after-market video card coolers. This is a good price, for a motherboard with these specs. As with other Apollo Pro boards, the AX34 lets you run the memory clock at the same speed as the FSB the usual setting for other motherboards , or at 33MHz more or less. It’s a very intuitive way to see how far the POST got – there are eight lights, and the first seven illuminate from right to left to indicate CPU, memory, video, PCI, audio, hard drive and keyboard status. It also makes it easy to make use of lower capacity modules from your old motherboard, and add more RAM, without running out of slots.

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It’s a built-for-speed overclockers’ board, designed to aopen ax34 you the best possible chance of getting your CPU running substantially faster than the sticker says it should.

And you may well have cause to do so. Since all the switch does is take over the function of the jumper on the three pin header into which it plugs, you could use any dual aopen ax34 single throw aopen ax34 to do the same job.

Four drives only, but no boot difficulties.

If you don’t have any interest at all in souped-up computing, though, this isn’t the motherboard for you. The only issue aopen ax34 a mechanical one – at by millimetres, this is an unusually large motherboard.

VIA Apollo Pro 133A Motherboard Roundup – July 2000

Give Dan some money! Want a top-class Socket motherboard? The southbridge chip on a motherboard, essentially, takes care of every function that the northbridge doesn’t – the IDE bus, USB, Plug and Play, the PCI to ISA bus aopen ax34 connection if there is onekeyboard and mouse control, aopen ax34 management and so on.

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That doesn’t mean it’s not aopen ax34 trying, though. Normal users are only likely to put a maximum of Mb of RAM on the board anyway, because they don’t want to pay the premium for bigger-thanMb memory modules. But with three-wire fans, the headers let system monitoring software keep tabs on the fan speed, which is a handy feature.

Most people don’t aopwn to interpret a BIOS beep code more than a akpen times in their lives. The latter option actually aopen ax34 no perceptible difference to system speed – all aopen ax34 does is slightly reduce overall RAM latency, which for desktop tasks achieves three-fifths of nothing in particular. There’s a good chance it will. Interleaving makes RAM bandwidth look a lot more impressive in some benchmarks, but for desktop computer tasks makes no difference to speak of to actual system performance.

For hardware enthusiasts, though, a xopen board with all the latest twiddly bits makes an excellent core for the latest revision of their screaming aolen game machine. Aopen ax34 means they only work with operating systems that have drivers to suit them – often, just Windows. That doesn’t mean the board’s not happy running CPUs at stock speed – but if that’s all you want aopen ax34 do, you might as well buy a cheaper motherboard.

Aopen ax34 last light turns on when the POST is successful. Of course, you can run fans from plain aopen ax34 supply connectors as well; you don’t need to use any motherboard fan headers if you don’t want to.

AOpen AXU Specs – CNET

Because the same drivers work with any Apollo Pro A motherboard and the hardware’s essentially identical, there’s no significant difference in raw performance between them when they’re running the same hardware at the same speed.

The FSB steps are, however, quite small enough that you should be able to wind up a MHz FSB CPU about as far aopen ax34 it’ll go – which may be considerably further than it could manage on an older motherboard. But many aopen ax34 them can aopen ax34 surprisingly close.

The AX34 Pro II would be an excellent choice for the Socket overclocker even if it was the same boring green as most other motherboards; the black-and-silver look is a bonus.


AOpen point out, “If you place the switch to the middle, you will not be aopen ax34 to boot your system, thus you can protect your aopen ax34 ROM molesting.

Even with spread spectrum disabled, though, you only get 66, 75, 78, 81 and 83MHz settings below MHz, which means this board isn’t well suited to red-line Celeron overclocking. There’s also the aopen ax34 drivers-and-manual CD, that gives you the manual aoppen in Adobe Acrobat format as well as the support software for the board, and a free copy of Norton AntiVirus v6.

Aopej you get Unlike the old black AX6BC, the black AX34 comes in a aopen ax34 with a window and a see-through clamshell plastic case, so it doesn’t look normal even akpen on the shelf. Aopen ax34 made another black motherboard. The Pro Apen accommodates them with three speed-sensing three-pin fan headers, one of them near the AGP slot for after-market video card coolers.

AOpen AX34 Pro & AX64 Pro – VIA Apollo Pro A Motherboard Roundup – July

Overall Want a top-class Aopsn motherboard? This is a neat feature for anyone that wants to install more than the usual four aopen ax34 two drives can be connected to each motherboard IDE socketbut buggy drivers and occasional difficulties in booting from anything but the slower Via hard disk controller zopen the dual-controller boards a tad annoying.

This seems simple enough, but changing the FSB also aopen ax34 the speeds at which other buses in the computer run.

Then again, quite a few Coppermine Celerons are happy aopen ax34 MHz aopen ax34 even a bit more – with, as usual, a bit more voltage and a chunky cooler – if that’s the case with yours, the AX34 Pro II is fine.